SPLC and MSNBC Still Pushing Fake News Hate Crime Hoax

Daily Heathen |

I don’t agree with Colin Flaherty on most issues, but he’s been producing quality videos as of late. He seems to be going more and more hardcore with each video. In his latest, he exposes the fake news hate crime hoax of the young Muslim woman claiming three white men screamed “Donald Trump” while attempting to rip her hijab off.

Of course it was total bullshit, but that won’t stop Chris Matthews and Mark Potok from continuing to claim it really happened. She was even arrested for filing a false police report and her parents brutally shaved her head as punishment!

Something else to note is how Flaherty keeps calling Potok a “goofy looking dude.” Hopefully soon Colin will go full 14/88 and just flat out start naming the Jew, lol.