Retarded AIDS Homos Dance in Front of Ivanka Trump’s House

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It looks like the diseased homo-sex cultists are at it again.

Why do these people fell the need to turn every political issue into a raging, public anal-sex party in the middle of the street?

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters invaded Ivanka Trump‘s upmarket neighborhood in Washington D.C., for the ‘Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice’, much to the fury of other residents. A storm of dancing people marched with signs, speakers and festive clothing while chanting obscenities directed towards the first daughter’s father to protest his administration’s rollback on Obama‘s climate change policies, on Saturday night.

The rowdy crowd disrupted the usually exclusive area as they flocked to Ivanka’s $5.5million home, as one of her neighbors became so infuriated by the noisy event that he was filmed threatening to punch a demonstrator. The 82-year-old enraged resident of the expensive Kalorama community yelled to protesters: ‘Get out of here! I live here… Do you want to get your f**king face hit?’

The presidential family might have some explaining to do to the neighborhood association, as residents complained earlier in March that their lack of community etiquette was ‘ruining’ the suburb.

That’s right. “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice.”

These drug addled faggots decided that the best way to protest Trump and the Jewish bullshit hoax of climate change is to have 30-something-year-old men dress up in booty shorts and gyrate on top of a minivan.

And why the hell does the Trump family have to explain anything? Because a bunch of junkies and homosexuals protest in front of their house?

Some pictures of these morons:

This guy looks like he just got out of a Comet Pizza party if you catch my drift. Notice the ponies on his shirt.
Don’t worry, these people are totally normal! You’re just an old white racist!

Remember there could be kids watching this, but Trump’s the bad guy right?

What in the actual fuck does that sign even mean? These people are nothing but deranged freaks. And don’t forget, these people have been infiltrating academia and entertainment through their Jewish masters for years. It is only a matter of time before the Jews grant these people direct access to white children (if they haven’t already).

Video of these assholes if you can stomach grown men twerking: