Jewish Media Covering Up Massive Pizzagate Arrests

Daily Heathen |

Shocking, isn’t it?

The same Jews who whine non-stop about fake news, white nationalists, and basically anyone who doesn’t kiss their kosher buttholes 24/7 are now covering up Jeff ‘The Orkin Man’ Sessions massive round-up of elite DC pedophiles.

I mean, say what you want about Trump. The guy is practically about to start WWIII for the Jews.

But on the upside we do have Sessions, and let me tell you, he isn’t fucking around!

Editor’s note: Rumor has it that several fake nicknames for Jeff Sessions are circulating on the internet. We here at the Daily Heathen would like to make it absolutely clear there are only two nicknames for Jeff Sessions: Jeff ‘The Orkin Man’ Sessions, and Jeff ‘The Fuuuuuuckin’ Orkin Man’ Sessions. Thanks.