Stranger Than Fiction: Diff’rent Strokes – ”Bicycle Man”

Daily Heathen |

In light of the recent controversy surrounding #Pizzagate, I stumbled across this extremely fucking weird episode of the old 70’s/80’s sitcom ‘Diff’rent Strokes.’

From the video description:

Keep in mind that Todd Bridges (the Willis character) has publicly admitted that he and other celebrity kids around him were being molested by the SAME agents and producers involved with this show. It is CREEPY personified that the SAME ones blamed by Todd Bridges were involved in writing this script.

This is very reminiscent of the Jerry Sandusky case where an old white-presenting Jewish kike was raping little black boys in the locker room showers at Penn State University.

Seriously, read the grand jury report on what that guy was doing. It’s beyond belief. Just do it on an empty stomach and don’t drink before hand.

Another very interesting coincidence is how nearly everyone who starred in this show is now dead.

For the good of the public, here’s the national DOJ sex offender registry.

And when the Fourth Reich finally hits, believe me…

Cosmic-level white power justice will be served.