Rodrigo Duterte – Extinguisher of Filth and Holy Defender of the Filipino People

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Whites in America and Europe could only be so lucky to have an actual leader who cares about his people and is willing to take out the trash like Rodrigo Duterte.

I can’t believe I even have to write something like this.  After the whole Trump debacle with him being a complete tool of the Jews it is a complete embarrassment that not a single white western country can produce a political leader with even a tenth of the testicular fortitude of a guy like Duterte.

He even mentions the widespread abuse through the Catholic church in the Philippines. I mean who would have thought the Jews would use their Semitic desert filth religion as a tool to have sex with children all over the globe?

Shocking, right?

Duterte also complains about the U.S. not wanting to sell him weapons and even wanting to impose sanctions because of ‘human rights abuses’ (whatever in the actual fuck that means). This is a guy who has Muslim terrorists destroying the lives of young Filipinos through drugs and crime in a country so poor it can’t even take of its elderly.

This is the kind of shit they’re dealing with:

If you are a white man who sees this picture and doesn’t approve of state-sanctioned executions of drug dealers, you are not only a cuckold, but a faggot as well.

Oh wait, that picture is from Ohio, right here in Jewmerica!

My bad.

Just listen to the strongman himself. He isn’t playing games, and the only ones opposing him are Jewish power brokers from the U.S. and Europe: