Holy Bagelcaust: Alex Jones VS Megyn Kelly

Nick Magnusson |


This interview was basically another Shoah. The best part is when Alex tells her Hillary Clinton chops up and eats children. I don’t agree with everything Jones says and he’s definitely a shill (he also says a lot of insane stupid shit), but he sure does ruffle the feathers of some of the Marxists, Jews, and their elite white puppets. He has to be the only media personality out there to talk about Sandy Hook and #Pizzagate. He’s also funny as hell.

I also have to say that Megyn Kelly is one nasty underhanded bitch (and who in the hell actually names their kid “Megyn”?).

Editor’s note: I just made up the phrases “butter your bagel” and “The Bagelcaust”. Feel free to use them at your disposal!