Weekly Black-on-White Crime Report #1

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I’m gonna go ahead and make this a regular thing.

Editor’s note: If you have anger issues or are currently drinking, you may want to go ahead and read something else.

From New Nation:

Second (black) suspect arrested in murder of 79-year-old (White) woman
Michael SusberryJaneil BernardTimesha WilsonHOUSTON – A young woman has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of a 79-year-old Hedwig Village woman. Timesha Wilson, 22, has been charged with capital murder. She was scheduled to appear in court early Saturday morning, but she wasn’t present when they read her charges. She and Michael Susberry are accused of killing Janiel Bernard in her home on July 2. Police say the two were seen together in videos before and after Bernard was murdered. In the first video, they were boarding a Metro bus. In the second video, they are in Hedwig Village walking toward the victim’s house. A third video shows Bernard’s car leaving the neighborhood around 9 p.m. on the night she was murdered. A fourth video shows Wilson and Susberry getting out of the car at a Texaco gas station early the next morning. Police say Bernard knew Susberry and let him into the house. He was the son of Bernard’s longtime housekeeper and friend. Susberry went to Bernard’s home on Capri Street to pick up a check for his mother. Bernard continued to pay her former housekeeper even after she retired. Police say Susberry pretended to slip and fall when he came out of the bathroom and head-butted Bernard when she leaned down to help. According to police, the suspect then stabbed her several times and ransacked her home, taking several small items, and took off in her car. – (Black-on-white)


Black ‘odd-job’ devil gets life for murdering 75-year-old White woman
Perry James Ford Jr.Carolyn BarnesESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Pensacola man has been sentenced to life in prison for murder. An Escambia County jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. Perry Ford Jr., 19, was accused of robbing a 75-year-old woman at her home in the 5300 block of Flintwood Circle. According to Det. Chrisopher Forehand with the Pensacola Police Department, Ford had been hired to do odd jobs for Carolyn Barnes while she recovered from hip surgery. Investigators believe the elderly woman opened her door for him around 12:52 a.m. on Sept. 9, 2016 and allowed him inside. A friend discovered her lifeless body when Barnes didn’t answer her phone. Ford had been charged with one “open count of murder and armed robbery.” – (Black-on-white)


Dad of slain (White female) jogger vents at accused (black demon spawn) killer in court
Chanel LewisKarina VetranoThe father of murdered Queens jogger Karina Vetrano could barely hold it together in court Thursday when he saw his daughter’s accused killer. Phil Vetrano said, “F–ker!” under his breath as the suspect, Chanel Lewis, entered court. During a pre-trial hearing, Lewis’ lawyers said they had their client undergo a mental evaluation. – (Black-on-white)


3rd black arrested for the murder of a White man outside a 7-eleven
Ru Shawn Bykei WhartonJustin SlyterDavid HoustonKeondre NeblettDENVER – Police also arrested Ru Shawn Wharton late Thursday night in Aurora. Wharton was wanted in the murder of Justin Slyter, 39. Slyter was shot and killed outside a 7-Eleven on Colfax last week while trying to get his stolen wallet back. Wharton is the third suspect who has been arrested in that investigation. David Houston, 25. and Keondre Neblett, 17 face murder and robbery charges. Neblett is being charged as an adult. – (Black-on-white)


Wanted (black) duo accused of targeting, distracting, robbing elderly victims
Herbert Lewis and Clinton StoneElderly White vetDUNWOODY, Ga. — Officers are searching for two men wanted for allegedly exploiting and robbing an elderly people since 2016. According to the Dunwoody Police Department, Herbert Lewis and Clinton Stone have been approaching elderly people at retail locations around the metro area and distracting them in order to steal valuables. Since 2016, the pair have allegedly stolen their victims’ wallets and purses, and, in almost every case, used their credit cards to make purchases worth hundreds of dollars. Police said Lewis and Stone target their victims based solely on their age and even their health. Police said they struck again in Dunwoody Monday, when they approached a 67-year-old (White disabled veteran battling cancer) man with a cane at a gas station. In surveillance video released by police, Stone can been seen appearing to help him select a drink from a cooler, while Lewis approaches him from behind and steals the man’s wallet. – (Black-on-white)


(BLACK) Contra Costa murder defendant allowed to represent himself despite outburst; (White female) prosecutor fears for her safety
Derrick HarperMary KnoxMARTINEZ — A Contra Costa judge allowed a murder defendant to continue serving as his own attorney Friday, one day after the man knocked over a chair in court and allegedly screamed at the judge in chambers. Derrick Harper, 39, is on trial with Joseph Bradshaw, 42, facing charges of murdering Antioch resident Jesse Saucedo, 35, during a 2008 robbery on behalf of a prison gang. He was being represented by a private attorney at the start of trial, but this week he was allowed to represent himself. Since then, Harper’s conduct has been so erratic that prosecutor Mary Knox says she now fears for her safety in court. After Judge John W. Kennedy allowed Harper to keep his pro-per status Friday — denying a prosecution motion asking that it be revoked — Knox moved for additional security and that Harper be shackled. Kennedy said he would consider beefing up courtroom security but denied the motion to shackle Harper to his chair. “I did not feel there was any threatening conduct by Mr. Harper,” the judge said. Harper and Bradshaw were charged in 2013 with the August 2008 killing of Saucedo. It is alleged that Harper carried out the act, shooting Saucedo in the head while he was robbing him. Earlier this year, Harper was convicted of human trafficking and rape in a case Knox prosecuted, where he was convicted of directing friends to gang rape a woman for disobeying him. During his time in County Jail, Harper has been housed in D Module, which is reserved for violent or dangerous inmates. Knox said he has started riots, referred to her using an expletive in jail phone calls, and threatened to harm jail guards. “He is completely unstable,” Knox said. – (Black-on-white)


(white) woman ‘spent the night’ fornicating with a black man that shot her to death – jury is deadlocked a second time
Antione FielderKelsey K. EwonusOVERLAND PARK, Kan. — For the second time a murder trial for 22-year old Kelsey Ewonus ended in a hung jury. On Thursday jurors left the Wyandotte County Courthouse with a split decision as to weather to convict Antoine Fielder for her murder. In June 2015 the body of 22-year-old Ewonus was discovered in her car in KCK. Prosecutors say she was shot. Fielder has been charged with second degree murder in the case. It’s gone to trial two times, both resulting in a hung jury. “There`s not an hour that goes by that I don`t think of her,” said Kelsey’s father Kent Ewonus. “That`s a loose end out there and that`s hard. It`s hard to relive it, it`s hard to go back through, it`s hard to listen to a timeline leading up to your daughter’s death,” he added. Kelsey’s family has attended both trials sitting just feet away from the accused killer. They say the process is frustrating and emotionally taxing. – (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating


Negro Suspect sought in 2 attempted rapes in Crown Heights in less than 2 hours
black rapistCROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — Police in Brooklyn are searching for a suspect wanted for two attempted rapes within an hour and a half. Surveillance video of the suspect shows him wearing a t-shirt with a phrase using the “F” word three times. In the next surveillance photos, he’s shirtless, running away bare chested after both victims managed to fight him off. The first incident happened on Thursday at around 2 a.m. inside a building near Albany Avenue and Sterling Place in Crown Heights. The suspect followed a 22-year-old woman into her building and pushed her inside her apartment when she opened the door. The suspect placed his hand over the victim’s mouth and dragged her down to the floor. He touched her genitals as he told her he had a knife and would kill her if she didn’t keep quiet. The victim fought back and kneed the individual in the groin. He then fled the apartment and out of the building.
Cops searching for (black) suspect accused of attempting to rape 2 women in Brooklyn
nigger rapistIn the first incident, a 22-year-old woman says a man followed her into her apartment near Lincoln Place and Albany Avenue at around 2:30 a.m., according to authorities. The creep pushed her to the ground, snarling that he had a knife, and attempted to sexual assault her — but fled after she kicked him and sprayed him with mace, cops said. An hour later, the assailant followed a 32-year-old woman into her apartment building. “Both victims describe their attackers as a clean-shaven black male, standing approximately 6-foot-1″


West Bloomfield police looking for a (black) man seen masturbating in store
masterbating nigger(obscene monkey)Do you know the man in this picture? He’s in trouble with the West Bloomfield Police Department. West Bloomfield police need help identifying the individual, who was caught on a store surveillance tape at Kohl’s on Orchard Lake Road masturbating behind an unsuspecting customer. “This person was doing his business in there (Kohl’s); he was following around this lady. He appears to be masturbating. He brushed against her several times. It appears she never knew what this gentleman was doing. Loss prevention had him on the cameras the entire time. They finally approached him and said, ‘We know what you’re doing,’ and he took off running through the front doors.’’


(Black) Topeka man charged in shooting of 5-year-old in Lenexa
Antwaun FultonLENEXA, Kan. — A Topeka man has been charged in the shooting that injured a 5-year-old girl in Lenexa in the early hours of Tuesday. Antwaun Fulton, 35, of Topeka, Kan., has been charged with with two counts of 2nd degree murder, and one count of discharging a firearm in a dwelling. The state of Kansas does not file attempted murder charges, which is why he is charged with 2nd degree murder even though the girl survived. Officers responded to the Crossland Economy Studios on Lenexa Drive near W 96th Terrace around 12:22 a.m. Tuesday. Upon arrival, they found a 5-year-old child shot in the leg during a confrontation between adults. The suspect had fled the scene before police arrived.