Teenage Youth Teen Attempts to Murder White Teacher in Front of Classroom

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Man, those little youthful teenage youth teen adolescent juveniles.

What will they get into next?

One minute they’re building flying pyramids, next minute they’re knocking the white privilege out of their slave-owing white devil field-masters!

NY Post depiction of the “North American Teenage Youth Teen”.

By the way, if you dare to even suggest that your white children should go to white schools away from this wonderful enrichment, then you need to be brought up on trumped up hate-crime charges Charlottesville style, you filthy bigot!

NY Post:

A Milwaukee high school student has been caught on video beating up his teacher in the middle of class, police said. The shocking cellphone footage captures the moment the 16-year-old lunges at his teacher, punching him and knocking him to the ground, and then continues the beating. The South Division High School student and teacher can be heard yelling unintelligibly at each other just seconds before the first punch is thrown. Police say the teacher’s injuries were not life-threatening and that they arrested the student, who could face possible charges of battery, local station Fox 6 reported. A Milwaukee schools spokesman said the district is cooperating with police.

Yes, ‘possible charges of battery’.

This dindu piece of shit tried to kill that teacher. He should be brought up on charges of attempted murder and locked up for 20 years and his parents forced to pay the medical bills and damages.

Say it with me, goyim: Diversity is our greatest strength!