Weekly Black-on-White Crime Report #7

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And let the looting begin!

Seriously though, does anyone give a shit about this flood in Texas?

Check out the picture on Drudge, LOL!

Bitch betta hold ‘dem keeids!

Special thanks to New Nation News for this week’s round-up.

New Nation:

TERRIBLE! Negro Looters Steal Televisions While Houston Police Battle to Save Lives During Flood (VIDEO)
negro lootersIn what might be the most appalling scene out of Houston besides the image of flood victims, an eyewitness named Isabel Torres uploaded a video to Facebook which shows looters making away with televisions. The video shows two males carrying televisions over their heads. It is not clear which store the goods were stolen from. Video was recorded by a Spanish speaking female and the video shows many other negro looters at the shopping center.


Police seek help to solve stabbing, shooting in Camden
suspectCAMDEN – Camden County Police Department detectives are asking the public to help them solve two violent crimes that occurred Thursday in the city. In the first incident, a male victim was stabbed around 6:30 p.m. near Louis and Chase streets. Police released a photo of the suspect in that attempted murder. He’s described as a black male who is bald, about 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, wearing a multicolored T-shirt, blue jeans, and black-and-white Air Jordan sneakers.


  • 30 Mexican and Chinese nationals found in a tunnel under the Otay Mesa border crossing
    Agents caught four Mexican men and three women, and 23 Chinese nationals, including two women. They apparently had just been smuggled into the United States through the tunnel. The tunnel appeared as a hole in the ground in a weedy area north of a secondary border fence, not far from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. There was a ladder inside. It may be an extension of an incomplete tunnel found previously and seized by Mexican authorities, DeSio said. – (Drudge)


2 bodies in Missouri pond were those of a (white) husband, (black) wife
Crystal McGee and James "Charlie" Holt Jr.OWENSVILLE, Mo. _ Two bodies found in March in a small Missouri pond have been identified as those of a husband and a wife. DNA tests had confirmed that the female victim was 44-year-old Crystal McGee. The male remains were identified months earlier as those of her husband, 62-year-old James “Charlie” Holt Jr. The Gasconade County Sheriff’s Office began investigating in March when relatives of Holt reported him missing. Divers searched a pond near the small town of Owensville and found the remains of a person later identified as McGee. Holt was identified at the time as a person of interest in a murder case. His body was found the next day. The investigation into the deaths is ongoing.
  • Mystery surrounds dead bodies pulled from pond in mid-Missouri – Mar 28, 2017
    “I come out of the shower buck naked, and there he was,” said Chris Yoder, who is married to Holt’s stepdaughter. Holt stayed for about a week with the Yoders and their children in a shack next to their home . The couple arranged for Holt to move into a vacant house on Dragster, several feet from the pond where he was later found. Holt lived there rent-free, in exchange for caring for the place, Chris Yoder said. He lived alone with a parrot. Around the first week of March, Holt moved back in with the Yoders. His power had been cut off for nonpayment. He was cold. Holt had brushes with the law, but no extensive criminal record. Court records indicate he was on probation for five years after a burglary conviction in 2007. He had been living with a woman in a rented home in Florissant when they were evicted by court order in February 2016. The landlord said in an interview that Holt had a series of health problems, including a heart attack. The couple fought a lot and did not pay rent. The woman’s posts on Facebook indicated she and Holt had been married in mid-2015, but the marriage was breaking up around the time of the eviction. She told her friends that Holt had “put his hands on me.” There was no divorce on record.

Dangers of interracial dating







  • The far right is losing its ability to speak freely online. Should the left defend it?
    Free speech was the left’s rally cry. But the fate of the Daily Stormer, a hate site ‘kicked off the internet’, signals the increasing irrelevance of the first amendment “This is a really terrible time to be a free speech advocate,” said Jillian York, director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “It’s a ‘First they came for the … situation,” she said, referring to the famous Martin Niemöller poem about the classes of people targeted by Nazis, “only in reverse”. (First they came for the neo-nazis….)
    “We are the new free speech movement,” declared the Berkeley College Republicans this spring, as they fought for the right to host Yiannopoulos on campus. “The Free Speech Tech revolution has begun,” announced social media startup Gab, which positions itself as a free-speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook but is largely populated by rightwing exiles of the major social networks. Gab CEO Andrew Torba declined to be interviewed by the Guardian, which he called “very fake news”. If the left does abandon its free speech principles, it may come to regret it.
  • Daily Stormer: Now Dawns the Algerian Age




(BLACK dish washer) Suspect, (WHITE Executive Chef) victim ID’d in Charleston murder, hostage situation
Anthony Shane WhiddonThomas Demetrius BurnsCHARLESTON, SC — The victim and suspect in the downtown Charleston murder and hostage situation have been identified. It happened at Virginia’s on King Thursday afternoon. Police have identified the murder suspect as Thomas Demetrius Burns, 53, of Charleston. Police say Burns was a dish washer who was angry with Executive Chef Anthony Shane Whiddon. They say Burns shot and killed Widdon. He was transported by Charleston County EMS to the Medical University of South Carolina where he was pronounced deceased. Burns is then accused of taking hostages inside the restaurant. A witness said Burns came in hold a small revolver, but never pointed it at anyone. Burns said something along the lines of “I’m the new boss in town before telling everyone to get on the ground, according to a witness. They were not held hostage for an extended period of time, according to the witness. The hostage situation ended when police shot Burns. – (Black-on-white)


(BLACK) Philly man arrested for killing (WHITE) pedestrian with car, attempting to destroy evidence in fire
Julius R. CrabbeWeeping AngelSean Patrick GrangerPHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia Police have arrested the man who they say is responsible for striking and killing Sean Patrick Granger of Douglasville, Pa. on I-76 in late July. On July 22, the suspect allegedly struck Granger on I-76 Eastbound, then fled the scene. After investigating, officers discovered that the driver — 29-year-old Julius R. Crabbe of Philadelphia — conspired with the vehicle’s owner to set the car on fire in an attempt to destroy the evidence. A fictitious stolen vehicle report was subsequently filed by the car’s owner. Officers also learned that Crabbe possessed two separated Pennsylvania Driver’s Licenses, one of which is suspended. Crabbe was arrested on Friday and is being held without bail. He has been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Burning, Homicide by Vehicle, Homicide by Vehicle while Driving Under the Influence and related offenses. – (Black-on-white)


(72-year-old WHITE) Pasco woman survives violent home invasion (by BLACK THUG) : ‘Be extra careful about opening your door’
72-year-old Jackie Hanlinblack thugWESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. (WFLA) – A Pasco woman who survived a violent home invasion is warning others it can happen to anyone. “I was one of those people who thought it could never happen to me,” said 72-year-old Jackie Hanlin. Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies are now staked out by her home on Magnolia Boulevard. She didn’t want to talk about exactly what happened when a man beat and robbed her, but she says it was the scariest moment of her life. “The fear of whether you were going to live through it or whether you were going to die today,” she said. Hanlin described the man to Pasco County deputies and they were able to put together a detailed composite sketch. She says he was wearing shorts, a polo shirt and had a black backpack with him. Hanlin says once he was inside, he robbed her of several guns and hit her more than once. “One was with the gun in his hand, the other was with his hand and like this,” she says as she describes how he pushed her down. She does have quite the shiner on her right eye and a cut on her forehead. She says it was the worst day of her life. The sheriff described the suspect as a black male in his late 20’s or early 30’s, 5’11″ or 6’ tall, with a muscular build and short hair. – (Black-on-white)


BLACK PACK attacks WHITE man walking to Spring store * Jackals attack in packs
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectConnor MurraySPRING, Texas – A Spring mother said her son is in the hospital after being attacked by three men while walking to Kroger. Police said Connor Murray, 21, was attacked about 8:30 p.m. Monday. “He was walking to the store, and he said he felt as if they had followed him from Monteith (Drive) for a little while and he put his headphones on,” said Spring resident and mother Carey Murray. Connor Murray, who has dreams of becoming a park ranger, is now fighting to recover at Memorial Herman Hospital in The Woodlands. “All of a sudden they were on top of him and they just started kicking him in the head,” Carey Murray said. Doctors told her Connor will have to deal with pain for the rest of his life. He will need facial reconstruction. – (Black-on-white)
  • Justice For Connor Murray – (gofundme)
    On Aug 21, 2017 at 8:30 pm Connor Murray was Walking to the Kroger Store at 5671 Treaschwig Rd Spring, Texas 77373 from his home . He was near the Kroger on Cypresswood near the Postwood subdivision entrance across the street . When walking he was immediately attacked by three African American Males . These males did not speak to him or ask him for anything . They just jumped him. They beat , kicked him in his face and head.


FedEx driver catches (colored, fatherless feral negro) kids stealing package from porch in Akron – same scavengers rob Good Samaritan
young nigger thievesJim CoolAKRON, Ohio – An alert FedEx driver may have helped Akron police solve a rash of thefts and break-ins. After he witnessed kids steal a package from a porch, he followed them, used his cell phone to capture video of them and then posted the video to Facebook. One juvenile suspect was in custody as of Friday evening. Charges against other juveniles are expected. Now, the victims are grateful to the driver, including Jim Cool. Cool likes to help neighborhood kids. On Tuesday, when three teens asked him to help fill up bicycle tires, Cool didn’t think twice. What Jim didn’t realize was a FedEx driver was videotaping the encounter from South Main Street, and Cool had unknowingly helping the suspected crooks. Moments earlier, the FedEx driver witnessed kids steal a package from a porch in the Firestone Park neighborhood. He followed them to Jim’s home and for a short time later, capturing their faces on camera. “The bicycle that I was filling the tires up, they actually stole that on the way here out of the neighbor’s garage around the corner, so I was actually filling up tires on a stolen bicycle to help them get away with a stolen Fed Ex package,” Cool said. The next morning, someone broke into Cool’s garage and stole a dirt bike and a four-wheeler. Cool is almost certain it was the same kids he had helped. Cool said his days of helping kids are over. – (Black-on-white)




Police obtain arrest warrant for BLACK in fatal Center City hit-and-run
Brendon HayWeeping AngelCOLLINGDALE, Pa. — An arrest warrant has been obtained for a 35-year-old man for his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run in Center City, Philadelphia. The suspect, Brendon Hay, faces charges in the death of 53-year-old Ann Broderick, a homeless woman, who was killed crossing the street just before 3:30 a.m. in the 1300 block of Race on August 6th.


(white) Mother arrested after (BLACK) boyfriend admits to throwing (mixed-race) infant into ceiling fan
Robert Jones Jr.baby CalvinEmma WhiteheadEmma WhiteheadMUSKOGEE, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is now behind bars following a horrific case of child abuse. Robert Jones, Jr. is charged with six counts of child abuse after he allegedly admitted to grabbing a one-month-old infant by the throat, shaking him, and throwing him into a ceiling fan because he wouldn’t stop crying. From Aug. 16 to Aug. 19, officials say Jones allegedly grabbed his one-month old baby by the throat, shook him, smothered him to muffle his cries, slammed the baby against a changing table, threw him into a ceiling fan and dropped him in the bathroom, an affidavit obtained by the Tulsa World states. After the infant started having seizures, the baby’s mother and Jones took him took the hospital. The infant, who was in critical.
Now, it seems that the child’s mother, Emma Whitehead, is also in trouble with the law. Police arrested Emma Whitehead on Thursday and charged her with enabling child abuse. Officials say she witnessed the alleged abuse, but did nothing to stop it.

Dangers of interracial dating






Cops hunt for African american suspect in string of Manhattan bank robberies (no good at sports, rapping or pimping he has to rob banks)
retarded negronegro with glassesSurveillance photos show a suspect who allegedly tried to rob a series of banks in Manhattan. Police are searching for a man wanted in a series of Manhattan bank robberies that occurred over five days earlier in August, authorities said. The crook’s one-man crime wave started Aug. 16 at about 12:30 p.m. at the HSBC branch at 15 Union Square West, when he passed a note to a teller demanding money. The teller walked away from the window, and the thief ran off empty-handed. Police described the felon as 40 to 45 years of age with a dark complexion.


stole wallet from toddler
  • Police: These thieves stole from a toddler at Perimeter Mall
    DUNWOODY, Ga. — Police are searching for three people who stole from a toddler at Perimeter Mall. According to Dunwoody Police, a man shopping at Forever 21 with his nephew on August 21 allowed the child to play with his key chain, which had his wallet attached to it. When the man turned his back, police believe that the suspects took the wallet from the toddler.
Sekonie Jones Sekonie Jones
  • Update: Fish-mouthed black woman caught on viral video arrested for theft
    SHREVEPORT – UPDATE: The woman caught on video stealing from a liquor is now behind bars. Jail records show Sekonie Jones was taken into custody Thursday morning and charged with misdemeanor theft. The video NBC 6 placed on our Facebook page Tuesday night, has since gone viral. The video has been seen by over 20 million people and shared over three-hundred thousand times. In a post on her Facebook page, Jones said she’s been called by people that recognized her and said she was going to turn herself in. Misdemeanor theft carries a six month prison sentence, if convicted.


BLACK Teen suspect fatally shot himself while in custody, Akron police say teen suspect fatally shot himself while in custody
Xavier McMullenThe teenage boy who died in police custody on Friday night took his own life, the Akron Police Department said. Xavier McMullen, 17, of Akron died of a gunshot wound to the head after he allegedly shot himself. The Akron Police Detective Bureau has launched an investigation into the incident. Police officials said that the incident began when two women who were sitting in their van on 10th street when they were robbed at gunpoint by three males around 10 p.m. Friday. The suspects fled from the scene. The two other suspects, Matthew Allen, 18, and Anthony Criss, 18, have been charged with aggravated robbery and are currently being held pending arraignment next week.





Israeli flag



Confederate flag "Mammy"




  • School Teacher Charged with Terroristic Threats Against Philadelphia Police Officer at Rizzo Statue Protest
    A Philadelphia school teacher was charged early Saturday with allegedly making terroristic threats against a police officer during a protest at the Rizzo statue Aug. 16, according to court documents. (BLM blacktivist) John Sheerin, 63, of Crescentville, is seen on a video shot by local reporter and columnist Helen Ubiñas during protests in the shadow of the statue for Frank Rizzo, a former mayor and police commissioner. (Warning: The video contains extremely graphic language.)



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