Why is the BBC Blackwashing British History?

Daily Heathen |

As I had written previously about this story, the BBC’s ‘BBC Teach’ children’s history channel had produced a series of videos called ‘The Story of Britain’, where ancient Celts, Romans, and English nobility are portrayed as black Africans. These people are basically teaching white British children that they don’t exist, and that they stole their own culture (which is tens of thousands of years old) from “Dem originyal Kangz, NYUGGA”.

I had desperately tried to find the original videos of this series, but the BBC went full ”shut it down, oy vey” mode and pretty much tried to scrub the Internet clean of this video series.

Well fortunately for us, some bad goy out there managed to find all the original clips and compile them into one YouTube video.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull this video faster than Larry Silverstein pulled Building 7. ADOOYSH.

Seriously though, these people are absolute scum.