Everyone Migrate to Voat.co, It’s Basically Reddit for White Nationalists

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Ever since the shutting down of Stormfront (which people have been eerily silent about, btw), I’ve been dying for a rapid-fire white nationalist news aggregator.

The TRS forums are pretty good, but the news and current events section can be a little too focused on Trump-happenings. And sites like Daily Stormer and Renegade Tribune great, but they’re better for articles, insight, and podcasts similar to how this website is.

Now Reddit used to be somewhat okay, but in the last few years it’s pretty much become the world’s largest bastion of self-loathing consumerist weeaboo faggotry.

And that’s when I found Voat.co. I’ve actually known about this site since its inception, I just didn’t use it very much as they were still growing their user base. But in recent weeks, the front page of Voat looks like frigging Stormfront.

And believe me (Trump voice), these goys aren’t small potatoes. Check out their Alexa rankings:

Their numbers are very similar to Daily Stormer’s numbers. Mostly young men, presumably white, using the site as a news aggregator and shit-posting forum.

They’re also very popular. But here’s the best part…

Check out the front page:

See that post ‘He be woke af’?

Here’s the meme posted there:




There are tons of posts just like that one that consistently make it to the front page. It’s basically straight-up Stormfront and we need to build a huge community there.

I’m not really sure what the site owners think, but they seem to be pretty hardcore about free speech, especially after all the banned subreddits migrated there some time ago.

Anyway, it’s a good platform that’s also very popular.

It wouldn’t hurt to use it at least for a while.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    SBPDL is down, Chimpout/shitskin forum is down, what else? I’ve heard of a couple others that I had already been blocked from posting at for dancing around a little close to the JQ.

    (((Someone))) is in Shut It Down(TM) panic mode lately.