Richard Spencer to Speak at University of Florida Sept. 12th, Despite University Shutdown

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Welp, it looks like the madman is at it again, this time in Florida.

I’m pretty sure this is gonna get hairy.

But this is what we need. Acceleration. We need these leftists to go total rabid psycho bananas ape-shit looney tunes at this event just like they do any time a white civil rights activist dares to speak up for the embattled white minority of this country.

Two terms we should be using for our struggle: “Embattled white minority” and “White Civil Rights Activist”.

These are very good terms that we should use and even go as far as taking legal action against those who label us otherwise.

Miami Herald:

White nationalist Richard Spencer, who led the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, intends to defy a decision by the University of Florida to keep him from speaking on campus next month, an event organizer said Wednesday. Cameron Padgett, a 23-year-old Georgia State University finance student who has planned several events on university campuses across the country on Spencer’s behalf, and his lawyer, Gainesville-based first amendment specialist Gary Edinger, said they’re still negotiating with UF — but will go to court if necessary. “I don’t think they want to go to court honestly, because they’ll lose,” he said, adding, “We’re still going to speak 100 percent.”

He didn’t lead the “violent” anything you scumbag. He didn’t even speak!

Antifa goons were throwing AIDS needles and firing flame throwers at anyone they even considered to be ‘Alt-Right’!

Fake news!

Earlier this month, UF President Kent Fuchs publicly denied the so-called “alt-right” leader’s request to speak on campus Sept. 12 because of “serious concerns for safety.” Spencer led the “Unite the Right” rally at the University of Virginia. But Padgett and Edinger said they intend to press ahead with Spencer’s appearance that day, despite the university’s decision. Edinger said he spoke to the university’s general counsel on Wednesday about “areas of flexibility” in UF’s decision, and plans to file a formal demand on the university as soon as Thursday for the right to speak on campus.“We’re hoping they are going to change their mind,” Edinger said. “And if they do not we will address that in federal court.”

“Serious concerns for safety” = ”We’re trying to shut him down Mr. Platinumberg, I swear we are!”

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, the university said it is “prepared to vigorously defend our decision. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority.” A counter-protest — called No Nazis at UF on Facebook — also is still planned and more than 2,000 people have said they’re attending. When he reached out to UF in the first place, Padgett said he signed a rental agreement for speaking rights at the Phillips Center on UF campus. University spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the document he signed was a preliminary estimate for facility costs, which came out to more than $6,000. “No facility rental contract was ever executed,” Sikes said.

Even if they do shut this down, Antifa violently attacking 80-year-old grandmas in the street like they always do will be fantastic PR.

Check out these Antifa faggots attacking an elderly disabled veteran in a wheelchair:

That document didn’t include security costs. Padgett said he expected to fight the university over the definition of “reasonable” security costs. He paid $40 per police officer per hour at Auburn University, where he successfully argued in court that the university violated his free speech by barring Spencer’s talk. “Just because a lot of protesters are going to show up that’s not my fault,” he said. “I don’t have to pay for it.” Before the topic could come up, UF decided against hosting Spencer. Spencer ended up speaking in Auburn after a court overruled Auburn’s decision. He was introduced at the event by Padgett, who said he spoke about his favorite topic — free speech.

No goyim! It Cwosts six million dwollahs fuh thyat much security! Oy vey!

In addition to UF, Padgett is attempting to organize speaking events for Richard Spencer at Penn State and Michigan State University, both of which have said no to the event. He said he wouldn’t call himself “alt-right,” the name Spencer coined for the group of white nationalists, white supremacists and far right political activists, and instead identifies as a libertarian. He said he doesn’t understand why people connect the alt-right to the Nazi movement, as many did when the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” protesters sported swastikas and Hitler-themed clothing. While eating dinner with Spencer, who has explicitly advocated for an all-white ethnostate achieved by “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” in Alexandria last week, Padgett said their meal totaled up to an $80 bill. They tipped their black waiter $30, Padgett said. “Would a Nazi do that?” he said.

I say just keep taking these assholes to court until they realize that because they take monstrously huge amounts of public tax-dollars that

ALL Americans have the right to use “their” campuses as venues for speaking engagements.

While we’re at it, college tuition should be completely free.
Isn’t it interesting that the total student loan debt in this country is right around $1 trillion dollars and that the total post 9/11 middle-east war spending was about to hit $4.8 trillion as of 2016?
That means that for just a portion of what we’ve spent on these never-ending middle-east wars for Israel, we could have sent every man, woman, and child in this country to college for free and still would have saved money!
Because what is the fucking point of being an ‘American’ if we don’t have any rights?

We don’t have shit!