Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer on ABC 20/20

Daily Heathen |

The optics didn’t come out horribly in this, but White Civil Rights Advocates need to stop talking to the media.

Because there is no difference between talking to the media and talking to the cops.

These people aren’t your friends.

These people don’t want to make you look good.

These people will chop up and edit every single quote and do whatever it takes to make you look like a Federal Bagel Nazi.

They will use whatever you say in a court of law against you.

They want to destroy you.

Could you imagine what would happen if Spencer and Heimbach just stopped doing interviews for these people?

We have our own media. We have our own platforms.

Fuck these people!

I also can’t understand the aesthetics of groups like the KKK and the NSM. Why can’t they just dress like normal people?

How do you think normal middle-class whites react to this?

The people we’re trying to attract:


How do you think a family like that would react to images of white hoods, brown shirts, and swastika armbands?

Positive? Or negative?

Is it really so difficult to dress like normal goddamned white people?

Editor’s note: I support guys like Heimbach and Spencer, so just take this as constructive criticism.