Weekly Black on White Crime Report #8

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Editor’s note: If you are easily triggered or have been drinking you may want to consider reading something else.

This week’s Black on White Crime Report is especially triggering.

Among the endless daily black-on-white rapes and killings is a black serial killer who specifically targeted older white men.

Do I even have to ask what would happen if a 22-year-old white man posted “kill all black people” to social media, then murdered five elderly black men?

New Nation:

CNN, MSNBC, New York Times Totally Ignore Kansas ‘Kill All White People’ Murder Suspect
Fredrick D. ScottSteven GibbonsJohn W. PalmerTimothy S. RiceMichael DarbyDavid LenoxA story about an African-American male who allegedly murdered multiple white men after once saying he wanted to “kill all white people” is being completely ignored by the liberal media. Fredrick Demond Scott, a 22-year-old black male, has been charged this week with the murder of Steven Gibbons and John Palmer, two middle-aged white males. Gibbons was reportedly found dead on August 14 of this year and Gibbons was killed in Aug. 2016. Scott is also a suspect in three other killings of white men. (RELATED: White Men In Kansas City Have Been Shot Dead By Possibly Racially Motivated Serial Killer) This comes after Scott reportedly once said that he wanted to “kill all white people.” Many media outlets appear to have completely ignored this story. As of publishing, CNN.com returns no results for “Fredrick Demond Scott, the name of the alleged anti-white killer: – (Black-on-white)


Blood spatter in apartment lead police to identify BLACK teen suspect accused of killing (WHITE) Katylynn Cargill with hammer
Kaytlynn CargillJordin RoacheTexas police have released more information on the 16-year-old that has been arrested in connection with the death of 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill, whose body was found in a landfill. Police have identified a suspect, Jordin Roache, and alleged that he murdered Cargill with a hammer, bludgeoning her to death. The murder allegedly took place inside of an apartment near Cargill’s home and authorities indicate that the two were involved in a drug deal, with the 14-year-old meeting Roache to get $300 he owed her as part of a marijuana transaction. Investigators found blood splatter inside of the apartment Roache was staying in, which belonged to his girlfriend and her mother. Police said a forensic biologist found blood everywhere, on a door frame, the bathtub and on a patio ledge. The warrant also notes that authorities found the alleged murder weapon inside of the home. Just like the apartment it resided in, the hammer was also caked with blood, police say. – (Black-on-white)
  • Editor note: Don’t do drugs. Especially don’t buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks


Black killer of WHITE (urban cowboy) husband leaves police station with a big smile
Gary CorreaGeorge CarrollThe teen accused of fatally stabbing an actor through the heart as his wife watched in horror in Greenpoint smirked as cops led him from a Brooklyn station house Friday. Wearing an American flag T-shirt and a tone-deaf grin, Gary Correa, 19, was escorted by officers at the 94th Precinct into an unmarked blue vehicle. The cops weren’t amused. “[His smirk] was very disrespectful. It’s despicable. It just shows he has little to no remorse,” a police source said. Correa shook his head when asked to comment about the murder of 42-year-old George Carroll, who he allegedly stabbed as the Texas native and his wife were strolling home on Monitor Street near ­Driggs Avenue on Aug. 18. The accused killer and a pal were hanging out on the steps of a nearby school as the couple passed, according to the victim’s devastated wife, Christina Romero Carroll, 41. “What are you looking at?’ ” one of them barked at the pair. The couple wrote and worked on an off-Broadway play about rapper Tupac Shakur and also appeared together in the 2016 movie “The Promise.” – (Black-on-white)


White 87-year-old Stockton woman fights off (black beast sex fiend) predator
black beastMary KerrAn 87-year-old Stockton woman used her walker to fight off a sexual predator who broke into her home. Mary Kerr ran from the man, grabbed her walker and repeatedly hit her attacker. Her screams alerted a neighbor who came running to Kerr’s door. – (Black-on-white)


Video captures (WHITE) teenage girl violently dragged into her house in brazen daylight home invasion (by BLACK BEASTS)

  • Authorities are searching for three suspects they said committed a home-invasion robbery at a Riverside home 
  • Terrifying footage shows the attack, which occurred in broad daylight 
  • The victim’s sister said the burglars held a hatchet to the teenager’s  face 
  • The thieves were able to steal $5,000 in cash  and jewelry
  • Detectives are looking into whether the invasion was a targeted robbery
  • Thieves were last seen driving a 4-door sedan and a red muscle car
nigger attacks White girlTerrifying footage showing a 17-year-old girl being violently dragged inside her house during a daytime home-invasion was published online this week. Video from the incident captured by a surveillance camera shows an African-American male violently shoving the teenager into her southern California home as she carries her small dog in her hands. According to the teenager’s sister,after pushing the girl into the house and falling on top of her, the man then pulled out a hatchet and held it to her face. ‘He grabbed a mask and pulled it down in front of his face,’ Nicole said. ‘They had a hatchet to her face when they had her in a headlock.’ Riverside authorities said the incident occurred around 2.00pm on Saturday at the 8400 block of Syracuse Street, located in the Orangecrest neighborhood. The victim explains that she was outside walking her dog around her neighborhood when a woman approached her and started making small talk. But as the teenager starts to head back home, the unidentified woman and another man begin to follow her. Moments later, another man, dressed in a neon safety vest can be seen entering the home. The girl’s mother said the thieves were able to steal about $5,000 in cash and jewelry from the home. ‘We were going to buy my daughter a new car.’ – (Black-on-white)


BLACK Indiana man with stupid black name ‘Tosumba’ accused of beating infant after skull appeared like a ‘cracked eggshell,’
Tosumba WelchAn Indiana man was arrested Saturday after he was accused of beating his newborn daughter for months to make her stop crying, causing her skull to appear like a “cracked eggshell,” police said. Tosumba Welch, 19, of Linton, was arrested and charged with domestic battery and neglect of a dependent, FOX59 reported. Police began investigating Welch after his 9-month-old daughter was airlifted to the hospital on Wednesday unresponsive and suffering from seizures. Doctors described the baby’s skull appearing like a “cracked eggshell” when tests showed multiple skull fractures. She suffered from several brain bleeds because of the blunt force to her head. “The worst of the bleeds was to the back of her skull, where there was one on each side of her head along with swelling in the same areas,” police said in a release. The infant also suffered “non-accidental injuries” on her collarbone and a fractured ankle most likely caused by an intentional “jerk and yank,” WISH-TV reported. Welch later admitted to police he would squeeze his daughter and punch her in the head since she was 4 or 5 months old. He allegedly would punch the baby in the head to make her stop crying. The girl is recovering in the hospital.


(Frazzle-headed) BLACK Fayetteville Man Accused Of Rape
Darion SimonFAYETTEVILLE — A Fayetteville man is accused of raping a woman inside a car while they were parked on North Meadowlands Drive. Darion Simon, 22, was arrested Thursday (Aug. 31) in connection with rape, a Class Y felony. The victim, a 19-year-old woman, told police Simon forced himself on her while the two were parked outside his home around 1 a.m. on Tuesday (Aug. 29). She told police Simon overpowered her and continued the intercourse despite her pleas for him to stop. Simon also told police that the victim told him to stop before and during the intercourse. He added that he didn’t climax “because my mood was killed.” Simon, who also goes by Don Don, was being held Friday (Sept. 1) on a $25,000 bond at the Washington County Detention Center.


  • Man dies after being stabbed at Phoenix light rail platform by African American BLACK beast
    suspectPHOENIX – Police say a 40-year-old man has died after being stabbed on a Phoenix light rail platform on Saturday night. According to the Phoenix Police Department, a fight occurred before 9 p.m. at the 19th and Dunlap avenues platform. Police say two men were involved in an argument when one stabbed the other and fled the area. The victim was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said. The suspect is described as African American, 25 to 30 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing around 170 pounds. He was last seen wearing (clothes).



Police identify black beast who shot 1-year-old baby in Brooklyn
Lyemel SummervillePolice identified a 19-year-old man on Thursday as the gunman who shot a 1-year-old boy two weeks ago while trying to gun down a rival in Brooklyn. Lyemel Summerville wounded the baby when he opened fire on a street in Brownsville on Aug. 19, police alleged. He was aiming for a 20-year-old man and struck him in the leg with one bullet that passed through and grazed the baby, police said. The wounded man was taken to Brookdale Hospital, while the baby was treated at Kings County Medical Center. Neither was seriously injured. Police were searching for Summerville Thursday night and said he was about 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds.


BLACK 18-Year-Old Man Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Norristown Teen
Isaiah Freeman MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. — Authorities have arrested an 18-year-old man wanted in the murder of a Norristown teenager. United States Marshals arrested 18-year-old Isaiah Freeman at a residence on North 3rd Street in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Investigators say on July 6 Freeman fired shots near Oak and Chain Streets, striking and killing 16-year-old Jordan Scott. A second person was also shot.


NYC: (White) Officer draws gun on (BLACK) lunatic driver after Midtown car chase
N-word nutjob


New York City: Ex-city employee says he was fired for making corruption complaint about corrupt black female
Anne-Marie HendricksonEchevarria accused HPD Deputy Commissioner Anne-Marie Hendrickson of directing him to “grant an apartment in one of the buildings he managed” to a Mr. Brown, who was not further identified in the suit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court. “As Mr. Brown was a resident of another state, providing [him] with one of the low-income apartments violated relevant laws and regulations,” the lawsuit alleges. “Mr. Brown was not selected or approved by any tenant association.” The suit noted that Brown is the relative of a city Law Department employee. Hendrickson — who appeared with Mayor de Blasio — did not return multiple requests for comment.


Dangerous’ and wanted 80-year-old BLACK beast child rapist arrested
Calvin SmithMan on parole arrested on warrants for theft, failure to notify authorities of his change of address. Police have arrested a wanted 80-year-old man who the state prison system believes is “dangerous and possibly armed.” Calvin Smith, of Leander Place NE, in East Canton also was a wanted sex offender on parole. Canton police arrested him on two theft warrants and a warrant charging him with failure to notify authorities of his change of address. He is a wanted fugitive labeled a violator-at-large. He was released from prison in July after serving time for felony drug possession. The records direct anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to avoid him and instead call 911. He is a sex offender who served seven years in prison after he was convicted of raping a child.


Negro intruder Woolwich Township Police Seeking Public’s Help Identifying Negro Burglary Suspect


Man charged with murder in beating of BLACK girlfriend’s black 4-year-old daughter
Lucy GunterProsecutors say they have charged a 20-year-old man with murder for the death of his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter. In a statement Thursday, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office says Najuquan Ross beat Natalise Gunter June 15 after she refused to eat dinner. Prosecutors say the child’s mother, 20-year-old Lucy Gunter, returned home from work to find the child with scratches to her face and a tooth missing. Gunter waited three days to call 911. On June 18, Natalise was rushed to the hospital unresponsive, and she died later that day.


abandoned Is you seen my mammy? Neighbor finds abandoned baby crying on a doorstep


FDNY union: Actually, we do run into burning buildings – despite what that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION negro said to recruit cowardly minorities….
Paul WashingtonThe union that represents FDNY Capt. Paul Washington has denounced his claim that firefighters “do not run into burning buildings.” “Yes, we do ‘run’ into burning buildings — it is our job,’’ the executive board of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association said in an angry statement. “If one does not react and ‘run’ into a fire upon hearing a report of ‘children trapped’ or ‘people trapped,’ perhaps this is not the profession for you.” The swift reaction came after The Post reported on Washington’s recent remarks to potential minority recruits at Borough of Manhattan Community



MEXICAN Man wanted in sex assault of 3 minors caught in Mexico
Hugo SanchezA Mexican man who allegedly assaulted three underage girls and fled the U.S. was taken into custody on Tuesday, according to the FBI. Hugo Sanchez, 42, was arrested by Mexican law enforcement officials in Acapulco. According to the FBI and local media, Sanchez sexually assaulted three young sisters in Chicago from June 2001 to August 2003. Sanchez was charged with 88 counts of sex crimes and initially detained on no bond. After he was given a bond of $50,000, he failed to appear for any more hearings and fled to Mexico, the Tribune reported.


Spanish-speaking HISPANIC Man with red cross forehead tattoo tries to kidnap 12-year-old
Hispanic kidnapperHispanic kidnapperA creep with a red cross tattoo on his forehead tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in Queens Village on Thursday, police said. The child’s mother, 50, reported to a nearby precinct that she and her daughter were standing in front of Key Foods on Jamaica Avenue near Hempstead Avenue when the man approached, grabbed the pre-teen’s arm and, in Spanish said, “You’re coming with me,” police said. The girl’s mother pulled her away, causing the suspect to flee westbound on Jamaica Avenue. Police described the man as approximately 30 to 40 years old and 6-feet-tall with a slim build. In addition to the tattoo on his forehead, the man also has tattoos or scarring on his cheek, cops said. – Vienes conmigo


  • HISPANIC Burglar Marcos Ramos said ‘sorry’ while stabbing woman in her bed: cops
    Hispanic criminalA twisted burglar knifed a 42-year-old Bronx woman in her own bed Thursday morning — all while telling her, “I’m sorry,” police said. Marcos Ramos, 23, allegedly apologized to his terrified victim as he stabbed her five times in the arm and face with a sharp object, according to cops. Ramos had slipped into the woman’s Longwood home around 6 a.m., investigators said. The woman fled from her bed into another room, and the burglar grabbed her wallet — containing bank cards but no cash — before making his escape, according to authorities. The victim was taken to Lincoln Hospital in serious condition, officials said.


Lousy (Hispanic) MMA fighter apparently tries his luck at robbing banks
Sergio DasilvaHe holds a 6-9 record as a fighter — and a 0-1 record as a bank robber. NYPD cops say down-on-his-luck MMA fighter Sergio Dasilva scored more than $45,000 at an Astoria Citibank during a brazen daytime heist last month. Dasilva, 31, was nabbed at his home less than one block away from the bank early Thursday. The 31-year-old MMA veteran — sometimes called “The Savage” — made some not-so-slick moves during the stickup, police said. After he made off with $45,964 in cash, police were able to identify him based on fingerprints left at the scene due to a prior 2008 arrest, police said.


  • New York City: Halal cart turf war turns violent in Soho Guy from Bangladesh attacked by 3 Hispanics from ‘South of the Border’
    Rahman had occupied the spot for 10 years, ever since arriving in New York from his native Bangladesh. “One guy kicked my nuts. I fall down. I don’t know nothing that happen after.” The three alleged attackers were identified by police as Carlos Lopez-Pizarro, 31, Eduardo Latin-Cisterna, 46, and Marco Vial, 50, all of West New York, NJ.


Second ‘gunman’ arrested after (White) British mum-of-three was shot after taking wrong turn and asking for directions in Brazil
3 Brazilian niggersEloise DixonAlong with her husband, and with their three young daughters in the car, Eloise Dixon took a wrong turn after asking for directions to a shop to buy water. Police in Brazil have tracked down a man wanted in connection with the shooting of a British mum-of-three. Erivelton Jose dos Santos, nicknamed NG, was held in a makeshift crack den in the shanty town where holidaymaker Eloise Dixon cheated death. – (Black-on-white)


  • New York City: Hindu? Mom tossed infant down stairs during fight with Hindi husband – baby goes to Jewish hospital
    An enraged mom tossed her infant son 10 feet down a flight of steps during a nasty fight with her husband Saturday afternoon in Queens, police said. The woman, Hoque Sadika, 23, furious that her 31-year-old husband, Erfanul Sadika, allegedly violated an order of protection, called 911 around 12:50 p.m. to report that he showed up at her Jamaica home on 90th Avenue, cops said. As she waited for police to arrive, she threw the 4-month-old baby — still strapped in a stroller — down the steps, according to police. The baby suffered a contusion on his head and was taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital in stable condition. The mother was charged with assault; the father with violating an order of protection.



  • Kindergarten SATANIC transgender lessons have parents changing schools
    California’s Rocklin Academy has a long waiting list for admissions, but that isn’t stopping some parents from pulling their children out of the prestigious charter school after a kindergarten class was exposed to transgender “indoctrination” without parental notification.



  • Paris Jackson flaunts new tattoo in topless photo
    The 19-year-old (alleged) daughter of the late (black pervert) Michael Jackson got her umpteenth tattoo on Saturday. Jackson also showed the tattoo covered with plastic in her shirt, which was stained with blood. “Secreting blood n plasma everywhere,” she added to the snap.



(BLACK) Man pleads guilty to 2016 Kozy Inn homicide (of White man)
Mark HorneMonteria WatkinsCOLUMBUS — A Columbus man has been sentenced to 18 years to life in prison for shooting and killing a man at a south Columbus motel last year. In the early morning hours of Aug. 27, 2016, Columbus Police responded to a report of a shooting at the Kozy Inn on the 3900 block of South High Street. When officers arrived, they found Mark Horne, 38, unresponsive from a gunshot wound. Horne was pronounced dead on the scene. Police identified Monteria Watkins, 32, as the suspect in the murder. Investigators said that Watkins had gone to Horne’s motel room and an altercation ensued. The altercation ended when Watkins shot and killed Horne. Watkins fled the scene and was taken into custody by SWAT officers on Aug. 29, 2016. According to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, Watkins pleaded guilty to the murder of Mark Horne on Aug. 31, 2017. Watkins was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison. – (Black-on-white)


Subway rider stabbed by crazed black panhandler – ‘Jiggaboo Jamel’
Jamel PurnellA bug-eyed panhandler pulled a knife on a Manhattan train early Saturday — then plunged it three times into the stomach of a straphanger who still wouldn’t give him money. And since the train was on a long, express haul from Harlem down to Columbus Circle, straphangers subdued him themselves — by clubbing him in the head with a metal pipe. Cops say it was around 6:30 a.m. when crazed beggar-turned-mugger Jamel Purnell, 39, went wild on a southbound C train in Harlem, leaving three bleeding holes in the torso of a 61-year-old Manhattan man, who’d tried to fight rather than give up his money, law enforcement sources said.


DARKEST AFRICA: ‘Cannibal’ gangster, 47, ‘served his pals soup made from HUMAN liver and intestines that he’d cut from the bodies of murder victims’ But Roland Peter, 47, from Nigeria, denies the crime and told reporters he is a ‘man of God’.
cannibal - file photoRoland PeterA SUSPECTED cannibal is accused of giving guests soup made from a murdered clergyman’s corpse. Roland Peter, 47, was arrested while allegedly preparing a dish in his kitchen with the man’s liver and intestines. He is said to be a member of a gang who kidnapped and killed the victim in Nigeria. Police Commissioner Zaki Ahmed said: “The Command arrested Roland Peter, a member of a notorious gang that kidnapped Pastor Samuel Okpara from Edoha. “They kidnapped, killed and beheaded the victim and used his liver and intestines for pepper-soup and plantain portage. “He was arrested while preparing the meal for his gang.” Peter is also accused of keeping rifles used by the gang, led by “one Justus, but popularly known as High Tension,” reports Punch. Peter denied the murder and cannibal allegations, claiming he was arrested for illegal possession of firearms. It is the second cannibal horror bombshell to rock Africa in a week. Five men are in custody after a woman was reportedly raped, murdered and butchered before parts of her were eaten in Estcourt, South Africa. – (Africa)


BLACK BEAST Felon dragged his stepgranddaughter into the woods, raped her, deputies say
Darrell MillsA convicted felon is accused of dragging his unclothed stepgranddaughter into the woods in the middle of the night and raping her, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Darrell Mills, 50, is facing a number of charges, including sexual battery on a child under 12 and kidnapping a child younger than the age of 13. The 11-year-old girl’s disappearance led to a massive manhunt Sunday in the Apopka area and the issuance of an Amber Alert. A citizen saw the suspect and girl and flagged down a deputy, ending the eight-hour search. “I want to thank the community for [coming] together to help find her but most of all I want to thank the police officer[s] who [were] out there helping to find my baby,” said the girl’s father, who the Orlando Sentinel is not naming to protect the victim’s identity.





  • Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group
    Yvette FelarcaPublic school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing “domestic terrorist violence.” One of BAMN’s most prominent organizers is Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher and pro-violence militant. Felarca currently faces charges of inciting a riot for her role in the Sacramento violence. BAMN was founded by the Revolutionary Workers League, an openly Marxist organization, in 1995. As TheDC first reported in April, internal documents from the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) tie BAMN to NAMBLA., reveal the RWL — BAMN’s parent organization — worked with NAMBLA in the years just before the communist group founded BAMN.. – (Drudge)

  • Two students suspended after posting (FAKE KKK HOODS) racist image on Snapchat
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Two Volcano Vista High School juniors have been suspended after posting a doctored picture on Snapchat that the school’s principal called “repugnant and hateful.” The disturbing image shows an African-American student with KKK hoods digitally superimposed on her classmate’s faces. The picture was posted Tuesday afternoon on the school’s Snapchat group where it was seen by other students who reported it to school administrators.
  • “We’ve been coming in with complaints of my daughter saying someone called her the N-word,” Webb said. “Someone called her a porch monkey and different things like that on a regular basis.”