Confirmed: Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

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I’m sure you all are just as shocked as I am.

It looks like the obvious truth about the Charlottesville Challenger Dodge is now coming out, with Heather Heyer’s mother finally admitting that Heather died of a heart attack, and not from blunt-force trauma from the impact of Alex Field’s Challenger Dodge.

And of course, I’m not going to comment on her weight being an attributing factor in her death as that will literally get you kicked off the Internet for the rest of your natural life.

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at Occidental Dissent. You can follow Hunter Wallace on Twitter at @occdissent.

Occidental Dissent:

Heather Heyer is not the woman in the aqua looking shirt who is hurled over the grey car when James Fields Jr. crashed into it. The Antifa medic who performed CPR on Heather Heyer said she had a leg wound. She seems to have died of heart failure though.


We’ve been looking at the wrong victim. Heather Heyer was dressed in black. We can’t find any information about Heather Heyer’s injuries or an autopsy. She does seem to be a very large woman though. My guess is that she was at least 250 pounds lying on her back in 90 degree heat. It is reasonable to wonder if her health had something to do with her death. I can’t tell if Heather Heyer was injured by the car crash any worse than anyone else particularly when Fields put the Challenger into reverse when it was under attack by baseball bats. Why was Andrew Anglin banned from the internet for pointing this out?

Note: To my knowledge, no else has died in these incidents when protesters are in the street and get run over. It happens quite frequently. I know there have been two such incidents in St. Louis alone since June. Missouri even passed a state law to deal with the issue.

Update: The CPR is after 7:10 in this video. Skip to 0:38 in this video where she is down. Is she even hit by the car?

Update: We’ve confirmed this is Heather Heyer:

See 0:52 in this video:

Update: We’ve found Heather Heyer on video shortly before the car wreck:

  • scott

    9/10 & first time I heard Heather The Leftist Whale died of Heart Attack, didn’t see 1 bruise or scratch on her. Medics should’ve thrown water on her. Isn’t that how you save beached whales? I’m NOT cold, just so sick of insane left twisting every fact to fit THEIR narrative.

    • Yeah, I had a feeling these bastards were lying about her death.She looked like she was 400 lbs and smoking Newports in the summer heat.

      Many people are speculating that none of the cars even touched her.

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