Journalists Now Hunting Down and Destroying the Lives of Anyone who Donated to David Duke’s Senate Campaign

Daily Heathen |

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country where if you donate to the wrong political candidate, heavily-funded ”journalists” will hunt you down, publish all of your personal information and incite violent boycotts of any business you might own?

Remember filthy goyim, this is the land of the free!

These people are fucking terrorists.


Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, has been one of the most well-known conservative white nationalists for several decades, touring America and the world to warn about Jewish conspiracies, black crime, non-white immigration, and race mixing, among other obsessions. Last year, Duke could barely contain his excitement over the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, especially his brutal language about Latino immigrants, Muslim refugees, and crime in majority-black cities.

Of course! Because none of those things are totally 100% true, right?

Duke’s campaign ended badly, though not nearly as badly as you’d hope. Duke was eliminated after the first round of the statewide open primary, where he managed to win 3 percent, or more than 58,000 votes. This result was probably lost on most Minnesotans, though it appears one of us was actively rooting for Duke: Julius Jaeger De Roma, owner of Clubhouse Jäger bar in the North Loop of Minneapolis.  Since De Roma, a transplant from his native Wisconsin, purchased and renovated the longtime drinking hall — the building dates back to 1906 — in the mid-2000s, Club Jäger has remained consistently popular, known for its backyard patio and Transmission dance nights. A 2012 Star Tribune article described the bar as “an experience that’s adult and jeune, lively, noble, comfortable and classy, cluttered and spare.”

How badly did you want it to end?

What exactly do you mean by that, journo-terrorist?

The same story makes mention of a “fight involving a local musician,” which led to “allegations of anti-Semitism… toward club owner Julius Jaeger De Roma.” There were “few … hard facts” to back up those allegations; the story glosses over them, and the tale did little to damage Club Jäger as a popular destination.  Here’s a hard fact: De Roma donated $500 to David Duke’s Senate campaign in October 2016, one month before the general election, and about 40 years after Duke went public as one of America’s proudest racists.

There is absolutely no doubt.

These people want to destroy the lives of any white person who simply dares to act in the interests of white people.

Important note: If you donated to David Duke’s 2016 senate campaign, be prepared to have “journalists” dox you and your family and attempt to destroy your life.