Tucker Carlson Exposes W. Kamau Bell as Being Violent Agitator of Antifa

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Who in the hell actually names their kid “W.”?

Does he actually have people call him that?

You also have to love how the media constantly refers to this guy as a “stand-up comedian”, when all I ever see from him are stupid documentaries where he jerks-off with 10 or 12 FBI agents in a trailer park.

Did I say FBI agents? Oh shit I meant the KKK.


It’s also interesting how he has to drag his “h’white” wife and Jewgaboo kid into every conversation. You’d think if you really loved someone you would just live a normal life with them instead of using them as a political debate prop every time someone disagrees with you.

I think my Jewdar is going off here:

And here’s his “stand-up comedy”.

So funny dude!

Ha! Gay!

Anyway, here’s Tucker exposing this guy for the violent agitator that he is: