9/11: 16 Years of Bolshevik Terror

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Editor’s note: This article is dedicated to the 2,996 people who died and the countless thousands who were wounded on September 11th, 2001.

I’ll always remember 9/11 as being the event that eventually pushed me in the direction of the JQ.

Ever since that day and especially after the Patriot Act was passed, this country has basically become a Soviet Union style Bolshevik terror police-state.

We have been in a state of non-stop war in the middle east in the name of Israel ever since then, and there are no signs it is ever going to stop.

Which begs the question – What the hell ever happened to all the left-wing anti-war activists?

It’s like all they give a shit about now is fighting ‘white supremacy’, whatever the hell that is.

..Another September 11th, another year of Judeo-supremacy.

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