Drunk Coked-Out Alex Jones Covers up Houston, Florida Looting Then Exposes it Hardcore

Daily Heathen |

When our good pal Alex Jones isn’t slinging Super Male Vitality, he’s burying his face in a pile of coke that would make Pablo Escobar blush.

I couldn’t imagine what he actually says to his regular hosts before they go on.

I could see it going a little something like this:

Alex: “Hey dude, you’re gonna do the news.”

Host 1: “Oh.. Okay?”

Alex: “You. Host guy number #2, whatever the fuck. You’re gonna do the news with this faggot, and you’re gonna keep it reeeeeal fuckin’ chill.”

Host 2: “Sh.. Sure Alex, wuh.. whatever you say!”

Alex: “I’m gonna be back here slamming lines like fucking Scarface while listening to ‘Master of Puppets’ on repeat, and when I come in, you’re gonna give me the mic and I’m gonna rage the FUCK out! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

Host 1: “Okay!”

Host 2: “Okay!”

I’m pretty much 6,000,000% positive it went down exactly like that.