Season Premiere of South Park to Make Fun of Charlottesville, White Nationalism

Daily Heathen |

It looks like the Jew and gentile who brought you the make-out scene from ‘BASEketball’ are now going to mock white nationalism and Charlottesville in particular in the first episode of the latest season of South Park.

The guys who produce this garbage are a couple of disgusting fruits who may as well both be Jewish.

What’s funny is that South Park totally normalized using the word “Jew” as a slur.

I remember absolutely everyone in high school calling each other Jews during the first few seasons of the show.

Just from the screen shots, Trad Worker Party, League of the South, and Vanguard America all get a shout-out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they characterize Richard Spencer in particular.

I’m just curious as to whether they’ll try to break down and actually criticize white nationalism and the Alt-Right, or if they’ll take the easy route of calling everyone ‘douchebags’ and ‘turd sandwiches’.

Another important question is why didn’t they include the fascist hair cut and white polo outfit?

Definitely weird.

Anyway, all this really means is that white civil rights advocacy is finally breaking into the mainstream.

And that is just fantastic.