Apple iPhone X – The Dumbest Shit Ever Made

Daily Heathen |

So which one of you goys out there is considering the new iPhone X?

Well don’t bother, because it’s shit.

Screen shots from gsmarena:

I have a three-year-old $160 Sony Xperia that has nearly the same resolution, almost twice the camera resolution, Micro SD slot, the same amount of RAM, and of course a frigging 3.5mm headphone jack.

Yes, you read that right. After paying $1000 for a smartphone, you will have to purchase a headphone jack adapter if you want to use wired headphones.

They really should have just called this phone the “iAfrica”.

For less than two-thirds the price, you could get Sony’s latest Xperia which blows this fruity garbage out of the water. And if you’re willing to wait two years you can get it for a quarter of the original price (I’ve been doing this for years).

Speaking of which, Sony really does produce some quality products.

I remember having the same Playstation for like a solid decade before it crapped out.

Also, could you imagine actually pulling one of these out in a restaurant or on a train? You’d have every black and Mexican staring at you like you were holding the fucking Philosopher’s Stone. Like, you could actually be butt-raped over this piece of garbage.

All I’m saying is to think long and hard (no pun intended) before breaking the bank on this $1000 turd of a phone.