NFL Teams Playing to Half-Empty Stadiums, Literally Annudah Shoah

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There aren’t many things more satisfying than watching Jewish billionaires lose giant piles of cash while whites abandon their ‘bread and circus’ mind control weapon commonly known as the “NFL”.


Week 1 of the NFL season had plenty of important stories worth following, but maybe the most entertaining was the mostly empty stadiums in Los Angeles and Santa Clara. Both the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers had sparse crowds for their home openers, and that has not gone unnoticed by the NFL.

Yeah, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by White Civil Rights Advocates either, Shlomo.

Ian Rapoport‘s report (try and say that fast five times) above shows that the league is clearly worried about the optics of half-filled stadiums. And they should be. It’s embarrassing for the league. This is what the 49ers crowd looked like at the start of the second half in Week 1:


The Great Uncucking!

And here’s what the Rams crowd looked like in the first quarter:

Holy frigging Christ, that is just delicious.

Nothing gets me worked up like Jews losing big time!

Here’s the thing, the NFL’s plans for relocating teams have been hilariously ham-fisted. Moving the 49ers to Santa Clara, 45 minutes from San Francisco was a moronic decision. Levi’s Stadium is also positioned so roughly 70 percent of the stadium bakes in the sun with no chance of shade. Meanwhile, the Rams might actually have decent attendance once they move into their new stadium, but that’s a huge gamble. Until then, they’ll likely be dealing with sparse crowds at the Coliseum for the next three seasons. It’s terrible optics for the NFL to have empty stadiums and absolutely no atmosphere for games.

Or could it be that white people are waking up to your tricks?

Or maybe it could be millionaire butt-ugly mulattoes like Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem, doing the ‘black power’ salute, and wearing ‘white pig-cop’ socks to games?

Whitey’s getting real fucking tired, shlomo!

This is a major problem for the NFL. Maybe owners around the league will finally realize that their big, bold stadium and relocation plans should actually have more thought attached to them.

It isn’t the stadium relocations.

Whites are waking up, and we’re getting just a little bit sick and goddamned fucking tired of the Jews and their foot soldiers destroying our nations.

That is what you should really be concerned about.